Read Poem: Wolves In Sheepdogs Clothing, by J. Alan Hostetter

Yes, little lambs,
Now go to sleep.
Ignore the woke folk.
Be like sheep.

Best forget,
Lest be ashamed.
The past has passed.
Don’t be blamed.

What the truth is,
You don’t know.
Bury your worry.
Go with the flow.

Dream a sweet dream.
Tomorrow looks bright.
Things are what they seem
So have a nice night.

Yes, little lambs,
Fall in deep.
You won’t feel a thing.
Now not a peep.

We’ll keep you safe
In case you stray.
No harm will come
Until the new day.

We’ll slit your throats
To silence your bleat.
We’ll sell your wool.
We’ll eat your meat.

Ignorance is bliss
And wolves are wise.
A Judas kiss.
Now close your eyes.


Author: poetryfest

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