POETRY Reading: DON’T LISTEN TO HARRY, by Wayne E. Johnson

Don’t Listen to Harry, by Wayne E. Johnson

Business was slow,
I had nothing to do.
I sat in my office,
Tying my shoe.

I sat there in silence,
And stared at the clock.
And wished it were Friday,
Or at least 12 o’clock.

Too early for lunch,
Too late for a break.
I tapped on my desk,
No decisions to make.

So all I could do,
Was to sit, sit, sit, sit!
Put my feet on the desk,
And not give a…crap.

Then something went bump!
My chair crashed to the floor.
I looked up and saw Harry,
Peeking in through the door.

“Let’s take early lunch,
Don’t lie there like that.
Let’s go to that men’s club,
The Cat in the Hat.”

“The beers are twelve dollars,”
I said with a frown.
“But the girls,” Harry said,
“Are the best ones in town.”

“They have one named Sally,
At The Cat in the Hat,
Who spins both her tassels,
One this way, one that.”

“She does quite a pole dance,
I’m happy to say,
Will leave your head numb,
For the rest of the day.”

“She’ll give you a lap dance,
For ten dollars more,
We’ll have lots of fun,
So get up off the floor.”

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