Selfishness abounds (as water surrounds)

Me, me, its’ all about me (swim with abandon)

Mind wants it all – all the time, days/nights, consuming all

Sleeping, waking, dreaming, working, loving

Who am I anyway

How can he, she, them, do that


The great, the all-knowing, the perfect

(The small, the ignorant, the flawed)

Pat me self on me back

(Scourge yourself, you deserve whipping)

You’re so sane, yes, yes, yes

(Your so insane, no, no, no)

Beat back the tide, waits for…who ever waits…

Float. (no thoughts) Float. (Fully Free) Float. ( Sigh )

One can fully let go here (or anywhere)

Yet, the salt, the Aegean is

Mystical, magical, clear, clean calm

giving, forgiving, reliving, re…juvenat…ing


Eyes close

Float – go with it. Float – go with it – Float

Eyes open – all full, full of

God. Above, white clouds form a sea, an old man of the sea

Against, surrounded by, the blue, blue sky

The All-powerful face looks down at me

Benevolently sheds a cloud

A tear for me, a helpless human

Compassionate first and last…

He speaks to me – short messages:

“Go apologize to your love.” This minute.

“I gave her to you!” “Cherish her, you child.”

(He didn’t say that. Ok, He did.)

I obey gladly.

Another breath of love

Another second of togetherness

Blessings abound

Sanity returns

The small-self steps back, grateful/peaceful.

The Self steps forward.


Author: poetryfest

Submit your Poetry to the Festival. Three Options: 1) To post. 2) To have performed by an actor 3) To be made into a film.

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