POETRY Reading: ‘NICHOLAS’ The Master and His Work, by Patricia Poulos

The Master and his Work
by Patricia Poulos

One, was this Master with his work;
his hands, his mind, his eyes in unison
to create each sculptured masterpiece
of white marble which lived
the greatest scuptor of our time
whose gift of design and craft,
brings a cold white marble slab
into a living masterpiece
Only Greek and Roman Gods, or
God in his graciousness,
could bestow such a gift
which separates a Master from man.
Each piece is carved with his sweat and soul,
and as if in the days of ancient Rome where
such magnificence was hailed,
as was the Master
The gift of life
through the Master’s hand compelling,
in his presence and,
in the presence of these
monumental masterpieces of his work.
To be given the privilege to touch
the life of the Master through his work,
as one’s fingers run down the spine
of his beautiful white bodies
which adorn the Master’s room.
But not all, are of beauty.
Some signify ‘injustice’
as does the ‘one-eyed-Judge’
in his full-bottom wig.
The Master is a man of principle; a father,
who adores his five children and
kept them close with home-schooling
with exposure to the Arts a close second.
He married a girl who would share
his every passion and, together in love,
they raised their growing family
But the ‘evil-one’ intervened
with this God-gifted creator
and separated
his mind from his eyes and his hands.
And so, struggling to combine his gifts,
it is his loving wife who stands
beside the Master and asks herself,
“What would Nicholas do?”
now unable, to impart instruction.
And so, the greatest Master of our time
is unable to give to the world any more
living masterpieces
and we, will have to be content
with what he has given us and marvel,
at the work
the Master brought to life.


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