POETRY Reading: We’re Not a Love Song, by Ben Neuberger


We’re not a love song
We’re not gonna dance in the rain
When you leave me there will be no stain

We tried our best
We put us to the test
We knew and so did the rest

Our chapters over
But the story’s not done
In fact, I think it’s just begun

We’ll give It another go…in 10 or so years
when we’ve learned to live beyond our own fears
And by that time… we’ll be buying our own beers

We’ll start to talk
Like nothing has changed
Not your smile, not your eyes
It’s making me deranged

We drink, we laugh, we reminisce
And I can feel your love,
taking me away from the abyss
Till’ all that’s left,
is just a sense of bliss

Then a song gets played
That we can’t resist
So we head to the dance floor
Where I give you a little twist

We’re the only ones dancing
Not that we notice, nor do we care
Because moments like these, are truly rare

For a longtime,
this moment existed only as a dream
And every time, I’d wake up with a scream
But as I gaze into your eyes,
with my arms at your waist
I realize, for the first time
I’m in the perfect place

I’ve been all around the world
Trying to outrun my past
Foolishly believing That I can (actually) go that fast

But now that you’re here,
And I see you with my eyes
It’s clear what I feel
It has no disguise

You’re the missing piece to the puzzle that is my life
And now I know what I’ve been feeling…it’s pain…and it’s strife
Like a wound made by a blade or a really sharp knife
But now that you’re here, We could have a real nice life

(Cuz) You’re the best of me, and I’m the best of you
Even back then, this is something you knew
Like, it was destiny…if that were a thing
maybe I was always meant…to give you this ring

(But) I don’t wanna be a love song
Not with you
(Cuz) they always end the same,
(With) two people in rue

(But) you’re the love of my life
Of that I have no doubt
so let’s ride into the sunset
Are you in…or are you out

Your hesitant
I get it, I understand
But trust me, (and) give me your hand

(Cuz) After years have gone by,
When we’re old and gray
We’ll think about our life
and remember this day


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