POETRY Reading: Virtual Gratuity, by Brian Spellman

virtual gratuity
about 10:30am a
systems analyst seated
himself at the boardroom of
our exceedingly prestigious software company,
snorting isopropyl alcohol through a paper
mask while awaiting tech support for stressful
presentation. he continued to transmit his
intricate calculations between quick whiffs until
fainting forward and face smacking his laptop’s
steel lip. now creating his systems restore point
for better syntax disambiguation, he compressed
his1st environment, custom formatting a hard
digital headache only to download a bloody
nostril linked to a high speed so expanding
executive’s lunch break. failing to find a waste
shredder, his old floppy RAMmed forth a
rasterized bit shot of plasma warm bug glitch
right into the speechless dynamic contrast
monitor glass of a refurbished yet split screen
high definition pixel dense temp resolution
geekoff apprentice (website certified) whose day
would have SATA defragged for cyber friendlier
drives. onto pity phishing, the analyst worm
processed out his corrupt excuse files while
nozzle cleaning off his heads disc gusting red
reboot and viral boogers from his slimy bytes.
there leaves no recovery from our story. it
merely cites my blog on blathering of graphic
albeit circuitous gratuitous virtual realities!


Author: poetryfest

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