Read Poem: FOOLS OF FAITH, by Peter D. Bové

It’s Christmas time
Or is it?
Men’s folly hatred fear and greed
Invade good purpose
Ideals that keep us believing in lies
Trapped in the jaws of deception

Come forth to see
Rotten to the core
The world I speak
Betrayal of the soul
When we open our eyes

Should we scamper to the far reaches?
Hide away crushed by imposing burden…
The diabolical subterfuge of thugs? …the oligarchy…
Or shall we fight?
Fight for what is right
In the face of mortal dread
Screaming fear to burst the ear

Through the ages men faced with these
Adversaries of darkness, ambassadors of iniquity
Lifted their hearts from the pits
Beyond enslavement to greed
Though crushed by the hand of those
Who exist in jungle law and far worse
Whose kindness is only to themselves
A seemingly impossible foe

Yet fight they did
These fools of faith
In the face of despotism
Burst from the gloom of apathy
Trembling in the shadow of doubt
Of fear itself
By the fortitude of mettle their minds did race
To great invention, to victorious battle

Rise once more all ye of faith
Take war against the folly of evil
With reckoning of angels… the wrath of light…
Watch darkness shudder in terror
Retreat in fear from the purity of innocence
Too powerful for the princes of darkness
This smile from the fools of faith


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