Read Poem: MY JOURNAL, by Mac McGovern

my journal talked to me

it took me to when
I first began to write,
to where
words flow as forgotten text
once again brought forth

pages filled with memories
clips from snippets
not published,
await me…
will I reconsider?
will revision
give these new life
in the realm of poetry?

my journal whispers to me,
“return to me anytime you need inspiration”
between my pages are verse found within an emporium of words scribbled in beautiful lines of poetry transcribed between scratched through lines, discarded, will again be reconsidered,
are scattered among yet to be
rediscovered fragments of language
awaiting creative vision

as I close my journal
I know my journal will
talk to me again
it will inspire forgotten thought
to later be revised,
rejuvenated as poetry

thoughts now chosen to fill
pages of line, verse, and stanza
are created, rearranged,
and revised as my latest
poetic masterpiece

my Journal awaits
when next
I write my thoughts and visions
composing a digest of inspiration
to flow from its pages as

Mac McGovern © Feb 2016,


Author: poetryfest

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