Read Poem: The Female Experience: LIFEGUARD, by Zaahira Joseph

Oh?! So you say you’re a man?! The type that wants to hold my hand, have conversations where you say
you understand? Understand how hard it is for us women to trust, with all the inconsistencies of lust,
especially between us. So, you tell me not to worry cause you ain’t in no hurry to indulge in physical
touch and it might be too much. Now, I’m not a fool, swimming in a pool, just going with the flow, acting
like I don’t know what games your trying to play in order to lay… me… down. Teasing me with
pleasurable words that you THINK this woman has never heard. But rest assured, you may have met
your match and now the fish doesn’t seem as easy to catch. See, the problem is, you’re too distracted by
the physical touch, that euphoric rush, that nothing else seems to be much. So… You try your best to
stick around, maybe after dark, where you can make your mark and stain my heart. But like I said, I ain’t
no fool, swimming in a pool, playing this game that has no rules. I will say… all is fare in love and war so,
keep playing and you just might get more.


Author: poetryfest

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