Read Poem: Colour’s of my World, by Varsha Singh

We’re born with colourless sight,
We wait for the day where were able to see the beautiful colours of the world
It comes and,
We notice the green grass,
It comes and,
We notice the blue skies,
It comes and,
We notice the changing colours of autumn.
But most of all as we grow,

As we change

It comes and,

We notice the colours of life
The colours of our mothers face, her skin, her love.
As we grow, we look deeper into these colours
We look deeper to see the colour of people’s hearts
Whether it be the bleeding red
Or the burning colour of coal
It’s then we realize, the true colours of our world.
That’s when we come to realize,
Our world isn’t black and white,
But filled with the colours that make us want to go back,

Back to the days where things were simply just black and white.

Not wrapped in hate, violence and greedy.

But warmth, safety, and love.


Author: poetryfest

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