Read Poem: Soul, I Hear You Calling, by Jennifer Gulbrandsen

Out of nowhere, the usual walk with the usual look to the east
Eyes focused on the blue of the darkening sky
As it sets behind the lights of the buildings on the river
I didn’t even realize it was in your direction
Just another night without you
I had grown accustomed to the emptiness – cold, azure.

The song playing in my ears, used to bring me to tears for you
Now it played as a soundtrack to what I saw unfolding
Interrupted with a message from you as it said I’d be
Forever blue, the exact color of the night before me
You sent a long message, I would have to read for myself
There you were again, looking for me
You never actually go anywhere. It’s a phantom distance.

Apologies again, explanations forever, promises endless
I’m guarded this time, my heart sings to those heavens
But now it also knows this song, now on a new verse
It’s not a sad song, but a patient one for this love has always been kind
Untiring yearning, but always kind
Each other’s distant constant, reassuring hope.

Instead of celebrating, I smile and hope that this time it sticks
Suddenly you’re everywhere, reminders on every corner
On the new street I walk to a different destination
Hope suddenly ablaze in my heart yet again, how is it not tired
Church bells ring at a moment too perfect
There’s that feeling of kismet inside coincidence that is heady.

There’s no telling how long I’ll be able to walk looking toward you
I just know that I haven’t stopped, and can’t imagine it
I also can’t imagine us together yet we can’t seem to separate
Slowly, surely, the distance becomes shorter even apart it’s odd
Yet the contentment of it can’t be denied
Just knowing I’m here and you’re there, for now.


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