Read Poem: PEACE TO YOU, by Linda Schooler

To, Dana

In the eyes of God, being a man, has nothing to do with how tall you stand.

He does not care about what you wear, how you look, how well you fare.

The things God cares about are true, and linger deep inside of you.

They are the things that no one sees, there are no payments, there are
no fees.

There is no cost , it’s no surprise, to be important in God’s eyes,

All you need to do you see, is be observant of the tree…………

Watch the grass, as it grows, watch the farmer as he sows.

These are things that God has given, to show a little hint of heaven.

The tree grows mighty, from within, though in a storm it still can bend.

The grass grows green with healthy color, the farmer sows, God is his

God is everyone and everything, whether visible or not,

we see the results of his love, though not through what we’re taught.

We have to learn to meditate, pray and believe,

then the world becomes more than we alone could conceive

God is in the moment, the now, the still, it is in those blessed times
that we can truly feel

God in us, as it should be. We are a part of all, you see.

So let your measure, let your worth, be not defined by people. Rather
put your treasure in the house that has the steeple.

Whether church as a place, or simply in your heart, living consciously
with God becomes a work of art.

You weave the tapestry of joy, and thankfulness unending, because of
what you know is true, and all the love you’re sending.

So ending this note to you, to thine own self be true. Know that
you and God are one, and be at peace when day is done.


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