Read Poem: STEP ASIDE, by Susannah Laing

I woke up it started again,
that empty hole in my tummy.
I felt the eyes begin to swell
these tears just get so runny.

I can’t explain this loneliness
this fear is all around.
I want to just feel good today
and stop this foolish clown.

I’m standing in my way of life.
I’m letting fear take over.
Remember when you were a child,
everything was a four leaf clover.

My feet feel stuck.
My legs are heavy.
Someone please come hold
me like a teddy.

I’m feeling low
and sad today,
but you won’t win.
I’ll get strong, i pray.

for in me,
there is more to this
and you aint seen
the killer kiss,

I’ll fight and punch.
I won’t go down.
I’ll keep on moving.
I got this next round.

You see, i know you.
We’ve met before,
but remember i won,
iIts time to soar.

So i face you head on
and take no shit,
cause this girl here
will never quit.

Moonlight and sunrises
are gifts for me.
No longer dark days,
I get up from my knees.

The day awaits.
I’ve things to get done.
So step aside,
I’m off to the sun.


Author: poetryfest

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