Read Poetry: AGAINST THE WORLD, by Works of Adedeji


If the world would stand against us,
If the mighty men of this world contend against us,
If the goddess of beauty seduce me,
If the mighty ocean king oppress me,
If the hostile Sun should set her fire against me
Not even when the Moon shines brighter than the Sun,
Will I be offended at all these did!
Words can offend and pollute me,
A yes is positive,
A no will kill suicide,
Please beauty, end the misery and call the shots,
My love for you is for all eternity and a day,
When I say I love you, the stars were jealous,
The Angels that guard you were offended at my words,
They plan evil to possess my body just to have a taste of mortal love,
I’m not moved,
Your shine silenced the shine of the sun,
Will you then not take me forever with you?



* * *

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