Read Poem: ALL MIGHTY PEN, by Sujoy Bhattacharya

Your pen should be drinking
briny horror .
Your must delve into the
murky grave .
Your pen ought to revile
at stupid generosity .
Your pen has to add salt to
human injury bleeding .
Your pen must open the
wounds of love to infection .
Your pen would make aflame
the flag of humanity
Your pen must write elegy over
the carcass of agony .
Your pen would fly the kite
of aroma of blatant treachery .
Your pen must ooze out venom
of velocity of vicious crime .
Your pen has to shower a deluge
of opprobrium to eulogy .
Your pen rinses the blood of
sublimity in the brook of notoriety .
Your per must kill the embryo
to make prosperity unproductive.
Your pen would add adulteration
to beguile the profaneness of purity .
Your pen would throw acid bulb
to deform the face of rejected love .
Your pen might travel to alien
land to pollute the environment of that planet .
Your pen would make the amnesty
throttled to death by the ruthless tong of severity .
Your pen must cripple the mobility
of a restless antelope of racing Impala boastful .
Your pen would punish Othello
for indulging faithlessness in immaculate love of Desdemona.
Your pen ought to exile Homer
for writing the epics – Iliad and Odyssey immortal .
Your pen must mute all the vibrant
voices singing the psalm of truthfulness.
Your quill would obviously make other
pens blunt to raise insolent insurrection .