Read Poem: ALMOST HOMELESS, by Perry Terrell

The government is listening to my phone calls
Well, darn
I sincerely hope so
They will hear that I am not making enough money
And I am one paycheck away from homelessness
The cost of living is just plain too high
And that I am barely living

The government is reading my e-mails
Well, darn
I sincerely hope so
They will read a message to my friend
That I couldn’t afford to buy food this pay period
Because the rent, electric, water and phone bills were due

I managed to pay all of the rent
But only half on the electric, water and phone

I am being careful
Trying to stay safe
And be a good employee
So I can earn another paycheck
That doesn’t cover all my needs
Where I can’t buy a piece of chicken
To go along with my one can of peas and one can of corn
Which has to last me for two meals

The government is listening to my phone calls and reading my e-mail
Well, darn
I sincerely hope so

But what will the government do when my phone line is cut off
Which will happen when I need to buy medicine for a cold or a headache
Or someone at the phone company realizes that half a payment is not good enough
And the water and electric company? Oh well.

What will the government know about me then

That I have become another number on their statistical data chart

If I can’t eat healthy, take a bath and see how to read a book at night
In other words,
Cease to live a normal life
Why keep a roof over my head
And have the government knocking on my door