Read Poem: A fairy’s face, by Jeanette E. R. Cook

I listen to the fairy stories

Of my aunt’s and I envision

Their garden,

Enchanting with the pastels

Of growth and the swaying

Blooms spreading the fragrance

In the bright light of morning

After the dew is gone,

Where a perilous journey

Is hidden from human eyes,

The stars are uncounted

And a fairy can’t be caught

But they have their own

Net of words that they share,

They memorize me in the garden,

As I digest their world,

The view is beautiful and untouched.,

Where they love so much without


Opinions buried and not shared,

A fairytale world,

Joyous and with all happy endings

Celebrated inside their group,

Grace in their land with hardships

Overcome through teamwork,

Usually comforting all,

Witnesses always helping out,

They can

Not be unmasked or sequestered to a

Box by us,

It is blistering difficult to be patient

To steal a glance at them,

Unaware of my presence

And they let me see them.

–J. E. Cook © 2020