Read Poem: HOME, by joshua anand skater

i wake up beside your huddled body
wrapt in sheets cocooned in silent dreams
i pry myself awake and watch you
beauty condensed to sleepy peaceful knot

sand-stuck eyes and weary muscle conspire
to move my groaning shambles down the hall
the burner clicks, the gas explodes in fire
the beans spew out their sour perfumed gall

drowsily i stir and watch the air expire
and foam the milk in oval spurts of steam
and stumble back – the splashes sweet
the stickiness still hot on weary knuckles

the cup sits by your head you do not stir
faint flare of lip and blush of tiny nostril
i sit erect and watch you as i savour
the too-hot liquid gulped down my greedy throat

new paradise to silent sit and linger
in atmosphere of love and want and peace.