Poetry Reading: ABOUT YOU, by Joyce Villeta

Performed by Hannah Ehman

About You, by Joyce Villeta

Crazy I still weep about you
Cry myself to sleep about you
Still I cannot be without you
Thinking how I felt about you
Thought that I could be without you
Never can I be without you
Everything I love about you
My heart bled and throbbed without you
Broken, sick and dead without you
I still hurt and drown without you
Empty and left lost without you
I still write and dream about you
Of all things I am without you
What hurts most you’re fine without me

Read Poetry: At a Glance, by Joyce Villeta

When I thought I had it all
Trouble came and made me fall
I stripped myself from finding love
Not from men, but from above
I held joy inside my womb
I chose to end it way too soon
I never even had a chance
To think it happened at a glance
Devastation hit me hard
It was my choice; I chose the card
That led me to my biggest fear
The one that never lets me hear
The sound of peace cause I have none
I’m blinded, lost, there is no sun
It’s gone; the road ahead is rough
It’s time for me to say enough
I can’t forget the sight of when
I cried because the pain won’t mend
So here I am thinking of you
A year ago, I still feel blue