Read Poem: LET THIS DAY, by Katarina Jovcevska

Let this day passing by in wisdom and strength to someone be a friend be a hero and stand with a goal build your life step by step, day and night don’t lose yourself in lies be honest and fair and don’t pretend Let God fills your path with love and light.
Be a man and you will deserve everything you can be a crowned king let your belief have wings and see, realize what for is your sacrifice does it worth be all of this make a step in new century because you know what you want you feel the pain of the people in the middle ease with a smile only for a while accept no defeat and take deep breath, don’t sleep lead, teach and be the best go on, searching for from the east to the west write down your own history with a dream for victory and mark the time for the first time because you are that special kind with a brilliant mind.

Katarina Jovcevska
Kumanovo,R.Of North Macedonia
Some of her work you can see on:youtube:Katarina Jovcevska”Nobody Like you”,”Inspiring song to change your life” and “Factory of dreams”;facebook;soundcloud”Secret desire and I’m on fire”-Katarina Jovcevska;bandlab,