Read Poem: Wars of Love, by Kristen Corbisiero

We’re at each others throats again,
Bickering over the small things,
I wish one of us would wave our flags,
But we’re both so close to firing our kill shot,
And our pride will drag this out until it dies,

A product of how I learned to loved,
Maybe it’s the only way I can express it,
And maybe it’s the only way you can tell I’m in,
All of me,
And you wage this war to know how serious we can make it,

Fighting, teeth and blood,
Ace in the hole,
We launch our attacks with no remorse for the thoughts gone into them,
Things about our past always find us in the present,
We can never let it go,
Not me, or you,
And we fire the bullets as a last resort, or just to keep the flame alive,

We’re bickering like children,
Someone please come save us from ourselves,
And let us down easy,
It’s too much, or not enough,
Maybe we need the war,
To keep this love in existence,Btu is the a love worth keeping alive?
I’m afraid to know the answer,
So I’ll fire my next shot,
And wait for you’re rebuttal.

Genre: Love, Life, Angst, Relationship, Drama, angst

Read Poem: A Beautiful Death, by Kristen Corbisiero

This love was never meant to make history,

Darling, we were never meant to move the stars and caress fate.

This mere distraction turned into a spell-bounding affair

Of two hearts stuck on each other.
With the red string closing in at their throats,

We are simply two souls, trapped in a fragile state of caring too deeply, too much.

Our story begins as a boy and a girl, meeting a stranger’s eye and returning a smile,

It goes on for days, months and years before our love solidifies,

A power of simple affection drawn deep from the infatuation made from strangers.

A burden I can no longer carry on my own.

But our tale holds as much joy as it does sorrow,

For a star that burns so bright can only been seen as it implodes on itself.

And our stars colliding was the best thing that could happen to my universe,

For any cosmos we make will harbor passion, greed and lust born from such lovers.

In the deep skies we find ourselves at our best and worst.

You have become neither scorn nor lover,

In the body of angel, and the mind of the devils son, you worship me.

And we fall into the blacken sky, holding onto a breath that has escaped us.

My heart falls deep and fast for a being such as you,

And you take me for everything I am, the good the bad and the worst.

For you, I give my all and get so much of you in return,

But our love is tragic and laced with caution,

(The stars beauty is only found in the light years it takes away,)

My heart is too melded in yours to be broken; rather, it simply shatters,

Taking pieces of you and me, scattering them across the universe of time.

Oh, darling, you’ll be the death of me,

So consider yourself lucky on how beautiful it will be.

Read Poem: I FELL IN LOVE WITH COLORS ONCE, by Kristen Corbisiero

I feel in love with colors once,
They’re bright, attractive allure,
Drew me in time and time again,
Fingers dancing on the edge of my heart,
Caressing and sighing, teasing laughter echoed in my head,
Colors drew me close, whispered beautiful things,
I saw stars in so many different perspectives,
Saw the sunset everyday and each time gasped with the portrait that bleed into the sky,
I fell in love with all the colors,
Never questioning why,
And they all broke my heart.

The day I saw things in black and white was when I met you,
When the colors had drained me dry,
Taking whatever they could,
I still here the haunting laughter and my heart lurches.
(And it’s shameful that I miss seeing the sunset,
How the stars shone, the way the night sky bled)
The black and white, though,
It was so dull, simple and so transparent I wondered what caught my eye,
It wasn’t the vivid imagery it drew in my mind,
Couldn’t have been the thrill or excitement,
But…something still made me stay.
(Maybe I was trying to heal the mess colors left smeared across my heart)

Black showed me there was so much more to my darkness,
How shades of grey told a story,
How the midnight hue told an endless story across that same night sky,
How the white bright stars shone in a new, different way,
Colors had bled me,
But the comfort of black and white,
Of you,
Made me learn to create my own colors,
Shining bright and bold,
Mixed with a touch of your own color pallet.