Read Poem: Inna Bflat, by Sharon M. Musgrave

(Poem about being a single mother)

It started with a simple dream

A single mom, an apartment on the lake

and a blue computer screen

Two Ikea colored filled rooms

Seagulls singing songs in the late afternoon

Just below the balcony on a bed of grass

Unblemished was the set of her new beginnings

But she didn’t know, not while she was living in it

All she had was where she’d been

Her eyes focused on the computer screen

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

He’s got a blue electric motorcycle

and he zooms through the kitchen

Then he swishes passed her swiveled chair

She feels the cool breeze of his creative air

and she just sits there

Gone are the solidified words which so passionately

possessed her just a few months ago

Gone are the concerns that kept her from her desires

The things she couldn’t see through

Not while she was living in it

And so it was born, a plan

Because the dream is all she had in the first place

So off she went left the shore for a temporary apartment

A step side ward, while onward she worked on the side

An old stove full of someone’s lonely past

A broken pool in the basement, a small dark sauna

Not the aqua blue the fresh waves that she longed for

She slept alone and rode the night

Because this side turn produced many of fights

but she needed this as they say, to build character

She followed the tricycle down the path

Where she once walked to find solace on the water front

Which clothed her with the rays

Enough to fill the early morning bike ride to the day care up the road

Her little boy in the back seat singing songs like

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Beautiful day, Beautiful Day, Beautiful Day, in the neighborhood

Then there came another side turn, and I say side turn

Because when you’ve got goals there are only side turns, no back turns

Then she took a dive because she loves diving into things

Because each flight is a good lesson

She learns that what was once a struggle becomes food for thought

So out of her new soulful encounters she was able to progress

You see finding herself has become her major accomplishment to date

Because it lead her to what truly matters