Read Poetry: The Ocean & The Wind, by Vikky Lonie

Genre: love, passion, life, nature, trust, companions, friendship, support,

She was the ocean
Humming enchanting song
Often wrong

He was the wind
Gentle but strong
Effortlessly Kissing her
As the day is long

She complained of her flaws and all that had gone
He told her he loved her all along
She dismissed his words
He didn’t understand her rage
He was flawless on every new page
You don’t have rips or breaks nor tone
You are the wind so strong and bold

My love you misread what you are told
I’m only strong when you are mad
I’m only bold when you’re sad
My strength comes from you
I’ll protect you from your storm
I’ll hold you close and whisper your name
Until you feel safe in my arms once again
When you are calm and glistening bright
I’ll tell you it’s all going to be alright
I’ll never tire of your changing moods
For I am the wind it’s all I allude
I’ll tell you I love you till the wind is no more
And the ocean has dried up revealing the floor


Read Poetry: Fake News, by Vikky Lonie

I’ve decided to stop reading the news
It’s full of contradiction and misinterpreted views,
Bending of truths like a novelists muse
Inciting inspiration, stimulation, radicalisation but never the truth of the situation
Just a public announcement of the wrong account, a miscommunication or fake revelation
Is it an attempt at entertainment?
Lacking empathy, a cold report with no sympathy
Of death, disaster and misery
Attacking humanity
As they relish at the world flying in to abyss
I can’t be alone, wishing we would all hug and kiss
So, instead I’ve turned to poetry, where theres no need to encourage, provoke or lie
For words of poem can reach the sky, you cant deny
My interpretation is all I need to see
Where thoughts can wander, minds can ponder
I never need to wonder, if what’s written is fact or fiction
As a poet spilling his heart on paper, writing fast, creating friction
He goes to war with every etching
Of love and emotion of pain of gain
It’s truer than the mirror in which you see your face
It reads like silk and flows like lace
Spilling over with generosity, leaving a genuine taste
Whether of love or hate, faith or sin
It’s come from within where only truth can win


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