Read Poem: FIDDLE IN THE SOUTH WIND, by Neo Amakievi

dear south wind

one day we will linger under the sun

my aching heart,
let us one day make music
curing all the inner cancers
melting this pain like a candle in a fireplace
like the south wind, blow me to the north
make me fly with no wings
make me fiddle the wind’s strings
twiddle, twiddle, fiddle

dear south wind
let us make music under the moon
where crickets dance at our presence
like Gaelynn and Alan fiddling in this moment of bliss
let us face the truth of our past, dear heart
spreading our souls like blankets to keep warm
on this tiny desk where minds are drunk on love wine

my aching heart
let this wind bear us up on lofty heights
and on it, we will forever fiddle tunes
we will forever twiddle off this fume
nothing will come between us
when this wind carries us away
to the future I yearn for…

(c) Edwina ‘NEO’ Aleme

GENRE: Hope, Love, Fear, Relationship, Heartbreak