Read Poem: FINAL GOODBYE, by Becky Bishop

Done be sad don’t cry now it was my time to go you see
I’m out of pain and at peace now you’ve let me go and set me free

As I climb the stairway to heaven from a loving family I did belong
I may not have been able to always say or show it but your love and care kept me going strong

I won’t say goodbye for one day we’ll meet again it’s true
But til that times comes around I’ll always be watching over you

Look for me in the sunrise when the day is bright and new
Look for me in the sunsets when the day is done and through

Look for me in the nights sky I’ll be that brightest shining star
Look for me in the moonlight guiding you from afar

Look for me in a butterfly giving you wings to grow and fly
Look for me in a dove giving you strength and courting and keeping you flying high

Look for me in adventure blowing gently in the breeze
Look for me in the summer sun and in the falling autumn leaves

Look for me up high in the clouds above
I’ll be your guardian angel protecting you with my love

I am the sun the moon the stars that glow
I am the rain the snow the thousand winds that blow

As you go about your life at the start of each new day
Even though I may not be there in person I’m with you every step of the way

And when you’ve had a bad day or you’re feeling lonely sad or blue
Never forget that I’ll always be there quietly loving you

It won’t be forever our day will come when
I’ll reach out to you with open arms and we’ll be reunited again

My last wish for you live life to the full and enjoy all that you do
Wish me to be near to you and I’ll always be there for you

Remember me with smile not tears and for all the happiness we’ve shared throughout the years

But for now I have to leave you it’s time for us to part
Hold me close and love me and keep me in your heart