Going the distance ~, Poetry, by Demarcus Parks

Going the distance ~, by Demarcus Parks

Genre: Relationship, Life, Humanity

Going the distance ~, by Demarcus Parks

This path , I traveled, With every breath that I have taken,
I walked , with every ounce of my strength , With the weight of those I loved on my shoulders ,
I have sacrificed for those who haven’t given , and gave , to those who have taken,
A breath of fresh air,  as I am Going the distance.

In the face of Adversity , looking straight into the eyes of pain itself, I fold in defeat ,
unfold barely weak , To the light of a new day,
As my eyes shut , for a peaceful rest , I leave behind no regrets , We are we , and we are love ,
As he who was , will forever be , Going the distance.



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