The Voice, Poetry by Tabith’Ashley

Genre: hope, inspirational, salvation, and suspense

So prone to not having a voice
So cold,
But that’s the result of the path that was chosen
Ready, set, get molded.
A million stones,
A thousand trees,
Yet not a time that seemed like the shade was frozen.
Identity stolen.
Reaching out beyond the underground,
In through the next door that isn’t closing.
I was chosen.
Long before my time,
Before those parents were even mine,
Or the sun touched our sky.
I’m here to answer the calling.
You wanna be free?
Come join!
Everybody fall in.
Racing to the finish,
Being obedient so I ain’t falling.
Even though we all fall sometimes.
But I get back up,
Brush my shoulders off and continue walking.
I’m through stalking,
Down that sad ol’ memory lane.
Things just ain’t the same.
Well of course not,
They’re supposed to change.
Adapt you say?
Well I’m the one making the changes,
So it’s already apart of me.
You see,
I was born ready,
With this truth here in my heart.
The whole community scorching!
And I’m the piece where the fire starts.
Confidence is a virtue.
I’ve entered into a new regime.
Kill me,
And I’ll turn the other cheek.
Come back to life,
And let you kill me again.
I won’t avenge!
The bigger person is the one who can walk away.
Let go,
And redirect that pain.
Channel that energy,
Into something positive and riveting.
Make some real noise with this creativity.
Oh you already hip to me?
Tell me what’s my biggest fear?
Who do I work hard to be?
Where am I striving for next year?
You still have the balls to judge me?
I didn’t think so!
I glow too much.
Forget blinding them,
I’m here to make my enemies choke.
Suspended from this program,
And I’ll be the one changing the channel.
Where’s the remote?
I’m no joke.
But I smoke when it goes down.
Leaving them envious…
Talking about the ones that frown when I get down.

By: Tabith’Ashley


    * * * * *

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