Read Poem: PRISON OR HOME?, by Laye Da Writer

Confined to these desolate walls

Waiting for the day they make a releasing fall

Always thought it was my mind trapped

Feeling this glass ceiling tapping completely capped

Released for hours at a time day in and out

Listening to my soul have its internal cry yet no external shout

Save me from the pit I’m slipping into will you

Sadly you can’t because you know not what I must do

No warden no bars no alarm

But mentally to me it’s crippling causing harm

Any ounce of a smile snatched away with the slight thought

Bringing fun here couldn’t even be in my wildest thought

Come on it can’t be that bad right

Here take my shoes prepare for this flight

No ease of woosah in the moments of need

All of it sucked up in the wickedest way of greed

How can I escape is what you ask

I’m hoping you standing on the outside can help with the task

Free me from the dread walking through the gates also my threshold

If the walls could talk not a tongue would they hold

Once looked as my paradise but viewed now as my end

Spirit broken by the entrance when only meant to bend

What joy does it bring to mind

Because even Jesus got out a wicked bind

I just want the caged animal to be released and free

Rewarded with love and empowerment being the best, best can be

Tired of carrying this fight will you save me

They’ll never see what I saw or feel this

Either I’m walking out or burning my burdens

In the end one was captured walks away to close the curtains