Read Poem: Singles Awareness Day, by Hiker Angel

Categories: Love, Hurt, Painful

The Darkest heart of winter’s chill
chokes out the hollow monstrous day,
its tendrils slithering to fill.

Rapacious, snaking, gasping gill,
in waters deep where wicked prey,
the Darkest heart of winter’s chill.

Its teeth plunge, victim’s cries so shrill
with lurching, wheezing, rending play,
its tendrils slithering to fill.

Her movement stops, it has its swill
the nasty piper sucks its pay,
the Darkest heart of winter’s chill.

Vestigial quarry’s heat distill,
blood’s dulling red becoming gray,
its tendrils slithering to fill.

Her hope to wed, its gleeful kill,
this Valentine’s, fourteenth long day,
the Darkest heart of winter’s chill,
its tendrils slithering to fill.

Rhyme: A1 b A2 / a b A1 / a b A2 / a b A1 / a b A2 / a b A1 A2
Meter: iambic tetrameter

Read Poem: AMERICAN TRILOGY © Farouk Asvat

● If You Or A Loved One

if you or your loved one
have killed civilians in other countries
if you or your loved one
have tortured innocents in other countries
if you or your loved one
have loved ones at home
please contact the ones you destroyed

● I’m Loving It

i’m loving it
killing civilians in other countries
i’m loving it
torturing innocents in other countries
i’m loving it
loving my loved ones at home
i’m loving it
not caring about the ones I devastated

● Have A Nice Day

have a nice day
bombing civilians
have a nice day
torturing innocents
have a nice day
loving your loved ones

© farouk asvat

#love #war #bomb #torture #civilians #innocent #america #trilogy

Read Poem: I WONDER, by Philip Brent Harris

What would I do with me, without you?
Do any of us know what might be true?
More than I was, less than I have been,
A part of me missing, no nib in my pen.
Scratching at life, yet, leaving no mark,
Like rubbing two sticks without a spark.
Words are too weak, should I just quit?
Is your sacred fire what keeps mine lit?

If my dreams fleeting, passing clouds;
Will I know wisdom before my shroud?
Sewn into canvas, dropped into the sea,
Buried to nourish a newly planted tree.
Life into death into life, still unknown,
Must know the next life is still our own.
I wonder, the future is all wait and see,
What will you do with you, without me?

Read Poem: Lost Soul, by Niall Alexander


This is a memoir,
A tale about love.
A story about a girl,
Who’s now an angel up above.

Taken too soon by,
Workers from hell.
Now this is her story,
That she could never tell.

To understand this soul,
Let’s go back a few years.
To a time in her life,
When she was close to her peers.

The eldest of six,
But back then it was three,
Big sister to all and
All a daughter could be.

An actress, a model,
Ballet Superstar.
This girl had some talent,
Told would always go far.

This was always to be,
Her path was so clear.
But then something called love,
Just suddenly appeared.

She fell for another,
Who’s gaze was hypnotic.
Felt instantly for him,
Not knowing he’s psychotic.

At first she was happy,
Life’s great a perfect time.
Then money started to get,
Really really fine.

He would spend all she had,
Kept wanting more.
Saying he was looking for work,
“I love you”, 20 draw?

After a while
His addiction got to her,
But not in a way,
Where she saw his worth.

She started using,
Couldn’t take the stress.
She loved him so much,
Didn’t want anything less.

At first is was..
Just to calm her down,
A edge taker, nothing heavy..
One time around.

She wished she could of..
Taken it right back,
But the feeling it gave her,
Had such a smack.

On her life in that moment
All troubles had gone,
No money worries,

It was only after her..
Little trip,
Did she soon feel a low,
A sudden hit.

A rush of emotions,
All piled up in stacks.
All issues in life,
That she put to the back.

Gripping her mind
In a toxic like glove,
The lowest she been
Now in walks her love.

He walks over towards her,
Places his hand on her back,
Moves her hair from her face
And kisses her neck.

He tells her “it’s ok,
Things are gonna be alright”..
While he hands her a joint
Then hands her the light.

She’s crying, feeling drained,
Just wanting to escape..
Then she takes a toke,
Suddenly feeling very strange..

It’s not a
Normal high,
Nothing green
About this smoke?

“It’s just a little white, go on take a few more tokes”

She’s hazy, her worlds spinning,
She doesn’t have a clue..
He’s over by the couch
Lining up another few.

As she stumbles to the bathroom
Trying to get a grip.
Looking for her bag,
Finding nothing in it.

All contents on the floor,
No money in sight.
She looks over towards him,
And he asks for a light.

Its obvious to her,
But she wants to hear it from him,
His temper arises,
And he goes for a swing!

She falls to the ground, saying..
“I know it’s not you!”
He kindly helps her up,
And walks her to the lou..


“Sorry baby boo,
You just get me so angry,
When you say things
I didn’t do”

She walks out
From the bathroom,
He floods her
With his touch.

Holds her close,
Saying sorry,
Gripping her,
Way too much!

She try’s to pull away
He pulls her in his space,
Saying “sorry babe! I love you”
Then he forces in fast pace!

Although this is this first time,
It happens for years to come,
But this is the very moment
That brought it all on

Over time she lost it all,
Nothing left but only him.
Never finding the strength to
Really make a grin.

He used her
For cash
Treated her body
As asset,

Doing things she
Didn’t want to,
Maked him money
For their habit..

Made her sell out
On the corner,
For their daily
Rush amount,

All the time
She is thinking
Please someone!
Help me out!

Her family at this time
Were now scattered all around
Wanting her safety
Trying to bring her too closer ground.

But she couldn’t leave the country,
As this was down to him.
She got arrested for possession,
And done for smuggling.

He left a stash at her place,
That was stolen from a gang
Police came banging at her door,
And dragged her in a van.

After doing time
For his actions,
She was never
Quite the same.

Entire life
Fucked over,
Nowhere to be blamed.

She’s running from her life,
No other way she sees
Trying to heal the pain
But can never feel a breeze

Disconnected from the world
No other way she knows
Trapped in a net of
Misery from those..

Lost soul.
She’s a lost,

lost soul.



Niall Alexander

Poetry Reading: AI! AI! AI! (A Tatarus for Youth), by David Estringel

Performed by Hannah Ehman

AI! AI! AI! (A Tartarus for Youth), by David Estringel



Sated with stolen life,

emerged from mother’s Night,

there is longing to be free

from the warmth of darkened humours–

to be crowned by The Light of Artificial Gods.

Our worlds quake and rip,

tossing us upon gory shores

beyond fertile crests,

illuminated by a cold Sun.

Messengers sweep down in clouds of winged oblivion

to wet lips with Lethe’s waters

upon cruel fingertips.





light brings pain

in rushes of movement and sound

that sting the flesh.


with invasions

of steel and sterile prodding,

souls rouse to profess philosophies

in cries and screams

that crack the air,


like the falling of leaves upon the ground

from distant trees



Swaddled bodies,

searched in vain for the safety of familiarity,

tell much, tell little

like symbols in scrying mirrors.

Their fictions, written with sweat and tears,


foreheads, eyes, and lips

with benedictions of shameful regret.

As if it were better to have the heads of babes

dashed and bloodied

upon the Rock,

than to suffer Spartan destinies, impaired.

Left only to linger—a world apart—

in bloodless mediocrity.



What are these ragged paths

to be stumbled upon

under tender foot,

with stones that cut

and scratching thorns from the briar

that temper flesh,

supple and pink,

making hard what was once soft to the touch.

Fed by an earth

that feasts on cuts,

bodies devolve to walk upright—and alone

upon roads, paved with the hands and backs

of brethren.

Knuckles crunching beneath soles like so much gravel.



O, the passion of attainment,

upon which the masses engorge,

aimless in its metal

and promises

of faceless adulations

and the settling of laurelled wreathes

upon heads of cartilage!

How empty, these violent strikes against the Self,

incessant and passionless,

carving out pounds of flesh,

victory for victory,

‘til nothing remains–

all for narratives

that are not their own.



How thirsty are these–

the razor-tongued buds of spring.


to the drinking of others’ tears

for satisfaction of sanguine thirsts.

To revel

in the tearing

of white petals

from tender stems

with poisoned fingertips,

delighting in themselves,

as if masters of ceremonies

at blood-lettings

and vivisections.



The sooth of touch’s fidelity

has melted away–


like cream in the sun.


the quality of distance

makes, explicit, one’s worth,

across arid plains

of air and silence.

Fallen away, the allures and charms

of communion,

only to make room

for the play of shadows

on Plato’s walls.



There is a science,


and cold,

behind the collisions of heavenly bodies of light (in love)—


explosions of atoms

over chasms—

the spaces in between—

that define and separate.

Souls, burning brightly,

cannot coexist

in their starry majesties

without a surrendering of fire.

My Ares takes your Aphrodite.



Upon paths paved with gold,

under the azure

of a fanning sky,


are driven in blithe procession

to the precipice.

Cast into the maw

of their society.

Without the iron shielding of wings,

they perish,


like everyman’s meat,

leaving them shades

that stain the wintry air.


I, I, I,

will crawl to the grave,


and weary,

upon the Earth I have salted

with tears,

violent and hot–

but harmonious–

in Time’s own poetry,

where I will find

the Peace and Solace of Rest,

drinking from a forgetful cup,


by the arms of my brother—

The Undergloom.

Read Poem: My Seraph in Disguise, by Tyler R. Martin


A beauty thought reserved only for nature,

Somehow now resides within your eyes,

How can such magic be earthly normal,

Is it real, or just some clever guise?

I wonder, are you a true mortal woman

Or a Seraph, an angel in disguise?

–Your hair of a goddess, with golden streaks

Falling gently on tan, smooth skin;

I envy it, caressing your neck,

Cascading down your back, touching your chin.

You’re speaking softly, with love in your eyes,

Giving me a glimpse of your gorgeous mind,

Such a serene, tantalizing feeling,

Something of heaven and earth combined.

And with a pitch like some divine instrument,

Yours: a voice that serenades so sweetly,

From a grin like a summer sunrise,

A few notes and I’m enthralled completely.

Because truly, I wouldn’t be surprised

Were you to admit to me tenderly:

You’re not just my love, my prize,

But my Seraph, my angel in plain disguise.

Read Poem: Yes, I do!, by Rajaram Gopalan

Genre: Love, Romantic

Yes, I do!

Peals of laughter
Squeals of delight
Roar of approval
Love was in the air!

In bounded a knight
Clutching something tight
Surprised there were many
As he went down on one knee!

Eternity passed before she said yes
Then the skies rained confetti
They shared a kiss
A sight not to miss!

Smiles were exchanged
Champagne freely flowed
Asked “Do you know what you will do?”
They chorused “Yes, I do; Yes, I do” !

Read Poem: Black Moon Poem, by Zoey The White Lioness

Straightforward to the ROOT,

The ungodly shine,
Within the eye,

Purging the soul and mind,
A black moon is

Approaching with unwinding coiling frustrating timing,
Casting unidentified obscurity,

Shadow puppets laughing madly,
Nothing’s where it should be,

The moon won’t shine,
Its preoccupied,

with the clouds of wrath
polluting my mind,

Let me out let me out!,
I don’t know what to do,

In regards to myself,
And the black moon,

Let the negative energy fade,
Don’t deny that it should dissipate,

This ugly omen,
This peti sight,

Of how,
Everything flips between,

Black and white,
The more I stare into this dark eye,

I find I just can’t look away,
It’s like a werewolf, a face forming in the sky,

Looming grinning over everything,
The moon won’t shine,

Its preoccupied,
with the clouds of wrath

polluting my mind,
Let me out let me out!,

I don’t know what to do,
In regards to myself,

And the black moon,
In the distance is a light,

A pillar of gold,
A relief from this moon,

Brooding like my soul,
If i want to enter it’s glow,
All I have to do is let go,

Can I even let go,
Can I even let go,
Can I even let go,
I just want to let go!!!!!!

Read Poem: Bedrock’s Testament, by Merple

I write

I write often

Of an ethereal figure

He has no name

His presence

I can’t fathom

Only feel

Through the words I impart

Into the folds of napkins

On nights of drunken stupors

And banal escapades

Riveting in exaggeration

Dim bulbs and iridescent neon

Grim eyes with hairless brows

Fifty kilogram weight on my sole

Lower than the floor I stand on

Only then,

And only ever then,

I pray

For Clarity and Truth and Purpose

Sans scripture

Solely silence

“It was not written for me”

Cloudy, unwarranted comfort

In the fiction we tell ourselves

Read Poem: Inna Bflat, by Sharon M. Musgrave

(Poem about being a single mother)

It started with a simple dream

A single mom, an apartment on the lake

and a blue computer screen

Two Ikea colored filled rooms

Seagulls singing songs in the late afternoon

Just below the balcony on a bed of grass

Unblemished was the set of her new beginnings

But she didn’t know, not while she was living in it

All she had was where she’d been

Her eyes focused on the computer screen

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

He’s got a blue electric motorcycle

and he zooms through the kitchen

Then he swishes passed her swiveled chair

She feels the cool breeze of his creative air

and she just sits there

Gone are the solidified words which so passionately

possessed her just a few months ago

Gone are the concerns that kept her from her desires

The things she couldn’t see through

Not while she was living in it

And so it was born, a plan

Because the dream is all she had in the first place

So off she went left the shore for a temporary apartment

A step side ward, while onward she worked on the side

An old stove full of someone’s lonely past

A broken pool in the basement, a small dark sauna

Not the aqua blue the fresh waves that she longed for

She slept alone and rode the night

Because this side turn produced many of fights

but she needed this as they say, to build character

She followed the tricycle down the path

Where she once walked to find solace on the water front

Which clothed her with the rays

Enough to fill the early morning bike ride to the day care up the road

Her little boy in the back seat singing songs like

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Beautiful day, Beautiful Day, Beautiful Day, in the neighborhood

Then there came another side turn, and I say side turn

Because when you’ve got goals there are only side turns, no back turns

Then she took a dive because she loves diving into things

Because each flight is a good lesson

She learns that what was once a struggle becomes food for thought

So out of her new soulful encounters she was able to progress

You see finding herself has become her major accomplishment to date

Because it lead her to what truly matters