Read Poem: SELF DESTRUCTION, by Misty Manor

Genre: motivation, inspiration, pain, self discovery, life,

Didn’t really understand it then
the heartache and pain I endured
Lured by the devils deception
I found myself oblivious to my own demise
Aimlessly existing with no plan or mission
My vision became obscurred by my own negative assumptions of me
A reality, I grew all to accustomed to
bruised and battered from life’s low blows
I lash out to those innocent bystanders
caught in the crossfire
My desire to find purpose no longer appeased me
Easily affixed with all things self-destructing
I find temporary alleviation
Self-medicating the pain away.
Detached from my emotions,
I appear visible to the naked eye
Yet, Invisible within
Uncertain of what the future may hold
I refuse to succumb to self inflicted internal injuries sustained along the way
In turn I pray for the creator to intervene
Saving me from a deadly encounter with self
Reviving my mission to exist
I persist past the pain once designed to annihilate me
Now the kryptonite used as fuel to enhance me!
Stronger then ever before
I soar far beyond where my dreams could’ve ever taken me
Renewed and inspired,
appreciative of life’s jaded path constructed precisely for me
molding me into an imperfect masterpiece