Read Poem: Study in Red, by Cathy Cade

My masterpiece, complete, twice edited
and printed out in pristine black and white,
is taken up with reverence from the printer.
I’ll scan once more to check that all is right,

then send it off. Oops, there’s a missing s,
conspicuous by its absence. What a pain!
Where’s the red pen?
Perhaps that longish sentence
doesn’t sound quite right. – re-word again?

There’ll surely be much better words than much
for that last phrase, and does this word exist?
Should it?
I’m not sure about this comma… Look it up.
See, here’s a full-stop missed.

My masterpiece is black and white and red,
with crimson spiders crawling west to east.
Back to the laptop.
Change, expand, erase,
Repair and print out one more time – at least.

Cathy Cade