Read Poem: The Law of Survival, by Dave Dutton-Fraser

Her last home was nowhere, the next she’ll know on arrival
She breaks all the laws but one – The Law of Survival
She changes her name with each group of people she meets
She’ll fit in quite fine, we’re all the same on the streets

She’s out run the law and her exes, sometimes it got tough
Boyfriends or the cops, they’ve all treated her rough
And she leaves behind messes, some large, some small
Its the only trail left behind her, if you see one at all

Sometimes she dreams of a different life when she awakes
So she trades her soul to end pain, if that’s what it takes
She thinks she is aging too quickly, more Mrs. than Ms.
But its too late to stop now, where ever this is

She’s not waiting for death, she’s just out running life
That’s how you move faster than chaos and strife
Perhaps she’ll see different one day, follow a new Bible
But til then she follows one law – The Law of Survival