Poetry: The Light Shines Brightest In the Dark By Shenita Etwaroo

Genre: Rhyme, Life

 I know the tear soaked pillow all too well.
My heart hurts for your despair.
I’ve worn shoes much like yours before.
It hasn’t been that long since I’ve been there.

The feelings of helplessness, suffering and sorrow
Do nothing but drag you down.
But I’m here to tell you from experience
You can (and will) turn your life around.

Because without pain, there would be no healing.
Without darkness, we wouldn’t know the light.
Without the endless challenges and setbacks
We would never learn how to put up a fight.

Despite a road full of blocks and bumps
Our obstacles help us to grow.
It’s easy to get hung up on the ‘why me’s?’
But those answers, we’ll probably never know.

You are strong and capable.
Your spirit unbreakable and irreplaceable.
Although your past is not erasable,
May your future be optimistically faceable.


    * * * * *

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