The Rose, Poetry by psizan

 Genre: Hurt, Love

“Once you give me a rose
A red rose,
What has many thorns
I am holding it, still
Even though you’re gone.
Though it’s bleeding
Still, I am holding.

You promised me
You will never leave me alone,
But you are gone
The promise is broken,
Still, I am holding
My heart is bleeding,
Still, I am breathing
Odorous of the rose.
The red rose,
Though the rose is no more red
It’s covered with a black shade,
Still, I am holding it
Though you called it dead.

Though it hurts
I am holding it, still
Who cares,
I have no fears
I know my eyes is full of tears
But I am laughing.

I am holding it, still
I will hold it forever
As love dies never.”

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