Triumph of love, Poetry by Juan Antonio García

Genre: Love, Romance, Relationship

Triumph of love by Juan Antonio García

The moon is shining within the autumn wind,
In the sky shining as a long suffered pain.
But it won’t be, certainly not, the poet who talks
the occult ways, indecipherable sign
of a liquid sky of scalding fire that would flood the
if they knew their destiny on earth.

The moon as a hand,
Distributes with the injustice that beauty uses,
Its gifts over the world.
I observe pale faces,
I see beloved faces.
It won’t be me who kisses that pain which shows up in
every face.
Only the moon could close, kissing
Some sweet eyelids tired of life.
Shiny lips, pale moon lips
Lips as brothers for the sad men.
They are a sign of love in this empty life,
They are the concave space where the man breathes
While he flies on the earth blindly turning.

The sign of love, sometimes in the beloved faces
It´s just the shining whiteness,
The torn whiteness of teeth smiling.
Then, up above, the moon turns pale
Stars extinguish,
And there is a distant echo, brightness in the east,
Indistinct moan of suns to show up fighting.
Such happiness then when the laughter glows!
When an adored body
Standing naked, shines like stone,
As the strong stone that kisses brings to life.
Look at that mouth. Up above diurnal lightning
Crosses a pretty face, a sky in which eyes
Are not shadow, eyelashes, murmuring trick,
But breeze of an air that goes through my body
As an echo of tall reeds singing,
Against the living waters, blueish of kisses.

The pure and adored heart, the truth of life
The actual certainty of a shining love,
Its light over the rivers, wet and naked,
Everything lives, lives on, survives and rises
As a shining ember of desire in the skies.

It is only the naked one. It´s laughter in the teeth.
It is light or its stunning gem: the lips.
It is water that kisses adored feet,
As a hidden mystery to the beaten night.

Oh lucid marvel covering with your arms
A fragrant nude, within the forests!
Oh loneliness of the world under the feet spinning
Blindly looking for her destiny of kisses!
I know who loves and lives, who dies and turns and flies.
I know moons extinguish, are reborn, live, cry.
I know two bodies love, two souls come together.


    * * * * *

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