Give back my virginity, Poetry by Ntokozo Makeleni

Genre: Nostalgia, Childhood, Humanity

Ndinike ubuntombi bam (Give back my virginity)
by Ntokozo Makeleni

Give back the exuberant days of my childhood mama
You let him torture me with exhausting kisses
Unbridled rounds
Exerting forces of anger unto me
I shudder
Convulse into the defunct graves of his pleasantry
Ripped, raped, round and round
Pleasantries abound
Commanding the earth to bring back my virginity a million times
And this nigga ask If he can hit it?
Mama ndinike ubuntombi bam
Mother give me my virginity
My childhood
I want to see and feel the red waters of my entirety trickle down my vigilant legs
I want to feel my breasts grow showily
Gnawing trough these restraints
My chest
Your yellow milk
It has become venous to me
Snakes never cared for their young so I cook and clean
Carry mortifying burdens with my incisors
And wash my hammered hands off of my mother’s disgraces
Wash away the three thousand nine hundred and ninety nine million times we held hands
Wash away the words thrown against walls these hands are tired of building
Wash away the night’s before birthdays
Wash away the beating stacatto against my chest
My mother
Your chest
I laid on for supposed
And love Without knowing
Without knowing the rustled rotten patches of your heart
Without knowing the selfish pastures of your soul
Without knowing the hate brawling through your prestressed mind
And in and out your milk
This gall
In and out
Olubisi bujike bangukrakrayo kum
Thixo nditywine
Ndifuna ubuntombi bam kumamam
Ndinike ubuntombi bam

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