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Valentine’s Day Poem, Poetry by Elizabeth Miller

I used to make valentines for everyone I knew,

clumsily cutting construction paper hearts

I don’t remember exactly when I stopped making them. Continue reading

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Poetry by Fernanda Wilt

There it is, lurking, the past

Comes smooth, quietly

And dump over them, as a wave

The damned nostalgia

Streets that run in parallel

But never find exit Continue reading

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Planting Seeds, Poetry by Abu B. Rafique

If I told you that I want all of this to be like this thirty years from now,
Would you call me hopeful, or stupid?
Do you think we’ll stay? Or will one of us go?
If I get lost,
I hope to go in a circle,
And wind up back with you.” Continue reading

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Give back my virginity, Poetry by Ntokozo Makeleni

Give back the exuberant days of my childhood mama
You let him torture me with exhausting kisses
Unbridled rounds
Exerting forces of anger unto me
I shudder
Convulse into the defunct graves of his pleasantry
Ripped, raped, round and round Continue reading

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