Morning’s Music Never Dark, Poetry by Dr. Todd Harris

Genre: Nature and Music Poetry

Morning’s Music Never Dark
by Dr. Todd Harris

Silken quiet awakes tungsten sleep
Morning creeping stealthily stirred
Mindful music filling empty’s creep
Early birds joining daylight’s chorus

Wondering flowery questions steep
Curiosity’s tendencies’ garden lorus
Waking’s unpredictable flying words
Dropping puzzling notion feats

Daylight’s opening Music beckons
Closed windows open daffodils
Sunup conducting finch wings largo
Grasshoppers duetting butterfly trills

Yesterday calls darkness piccolo
Answer-hosted soils deeply reckon
Confused vanities’ unwanted cargo
Draperies outstretch windowsills

Evening flutters land high limbs
Practiced breath lights unrehearsed
Clock ticks birth surprising seconds
Sunflower seeds grab birthday winds

Hummingbirds wing workaday’s trims
Breeze-music fills sky’s empty purse
Hope-clouds cover midday’s beckon
Tragedy re-sculpts life’s bearing grin

Cats purr quiet just-kidding notes
consciousness bears arriving-blooms
Eve-Idled petals vein wrinkled flowers
Darkness crumples creased art paper

Feet sketch carpet’s walking caper
Knees knock stepping’s empty room
Wonder irons confusion’s coat
Mystery freshens dreams’ open hour

Rising tides overfill lazing eyes
Sound intrudes Id’s empty hall
Climbing-ivy conquests wailing’s wall
Static dust-draws filamentary skies

Unstressed silence hinges cedar ties
Imagination’s rested rabble calls
Words’ sleepy chrysalis worms recall
Worlds’ anxiety weaves fresh surprise

Sunrise taps slumber-tarnished peaks
Calico sweeps sleep’s open door
Vanilla crafts weepy eyebrows’ furrow
Farmers tightly cold-swaddle palms

Pillows clear winter’s staging burrow
Gravity ties shadow’s unkempt floor
Atmosphere poses morning-speak
Novelty cradles crickets’ Psalms


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