Sweet and Fragrant Nirvana, Poetry by Nalini Priyadarshni

Category – Romantic 
Sweet and Fragrant Nirvana
by Nalini Priyadarshni 
You call me jaggery lips
though you have never sucked on
golden blob of sweetness
and have no idea about its taste
only a vague memory of
something you had sampled in Mexico
made of sugarcane juice
Sweet and fragrant!
Maybe you have forgotten gulkand
in your post dinner paan with silver foil
after a long day of sightseeing
in the heat and dust of Benaras
that started at Ghats and culminated
at the silk shop where sitting midst
thousands of pieces of fine silk
you picked golden Ganesha on black
my favorite god whose figurines I collect
A coincidence you would say
 of course, like countless others.
Sipping ice cold water under the droning fan
browsing through vibrant silk pieces
each more beautiful than the previous
with no intention to buy any, after the
oppressive heat of the day you had spent wandering
the streets of the ancient city with your juvenile guide
you picked my favorite god to take back home
India you did not pack in your backpack
 lodged itself beneath your nails
flowered as a trident on your palm
to unfold in the folds of your skin
in the twilight of ‘beaver state’
Thronging with love, gurgling chaos
it nestles in the crevices of your soles
You now return to me in myriad pieces
I stow away at the back of my lingerie drawer
run my finger along their edges listening to Beatles
try to put them together in sultry afternoons
let lusty mangoes seduce me into thinking
we can find a way to turn the clock around
and find nirvana in slurping their nectar
Author info- Nalini Priyadarshni is a poet, writer, editor and amateur photographer. Her work has appeared at various international magazines and lit journals including Up the Staircase Weekly, eFiction India, Mad Swirl, Crescent Magazine, The Riveter Review, Writes & Lovers Café, The Gambler, Camel Saloon, Earl of Plaid, CUIB-NEST-NIDO, and The Open Road Review, Phoenix Photo and Fiction, Undertow Tanka besides numerous anthologies including Resonance, I Am Woman, Awakening of She, Art of Being Human etc. She lives in Ludhiana, India with her husband and two feisty kids. Her first solo poetry collection Doppelgänger In My House is expected in 2016.


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