Bowser Complex, Poetry by Mica Scotti Kole

Genre: Nerdy, Persona/Personality

Bowser Complex
by Mica Scotti Kole

Can you blame me for wanting shiny things?
Down here where the only light burns,
licks against the slime of old walls?
Where the back of my throat is scorched
by the fire I spit to keep you from here?
Flickering, inconstant light—no, friend,
I haven’t stolen the stars for their power
despite what the mushrooms have told you.
I crave them, that enduring glow, I have tried
my best, to hide them from you, but it is no use.
Even down here where walking the floors
means you might fall through, where falling
means another notch off a life,
you return, with your funny hats,
again and again, and you find them. So this time,
I’m going to sit and wait for you at the end,
keep them all in one place, see how far you get then.
And while I wait, I’ll follow the sparks of blue torches,
flickers of light on my first-stolen star,
darting among the slow-moving others
that spin with their soft points to watch her—
captive again, she is tired of calling your name.
Dancing in the kitchen, behind the stained glass,
she bakes a cake for me, lets me place the cherry
at the end, lights the candles
with her brilliance, and when you finally knock on my door
she is righting a too-big self-portrait of mine
hanging crooked from a pipe
on the wall.

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