Schrodinger’s Cat’s Bird – Poetry Reading by Gina Williams

Watch the Poetry Reading: SCHRODINGER’S CAT’S BIRD

Performed by actor Jason Martorino

Get to know poet Gina Williams:

1) What is the theme of your poem?

The theme of my poem is dark humor and the idea that every day in this fragile is a thought experiment, especially when cats are involved.

2) How would you like people to respond when they read or watch your poetry reading?

I hope I can make people laugh, as well as think about the philosophy of life — the philosophy of their life.

3) How long have you been writing poetry?

I started writing poetry and stories in grade school.

4) Do you have a favorite poet?

My favorite poets (couldn’t pick one) are Raymond Carver, Pablo Neruda, and Alice Walker.

5) What influenced you to submit to WILDsound and have your poetry performed by a professional actor?

There are no other opportunities like this that I have seen — I really love the unique nature of the project and appreciate the work you are doing on behalf of art and artists.

6) Do you write other works? scripts? Short Stories? Etc..?

In addition to poetry, I write essays and short stories. I’m also a visual artist.

7) What is your passion in life?

My passion in life is to share a unique view of the human condition and the miraculous nature of life on earth via my art, to live big, and in the words of Emile Zola,  “Live life out loud.”

Deadline: FREE POETRY Festival – Get poem made into a MOVIE and seen by 1000s. Three options to submit:

Author: poetryfest

Submit your Poetry to the Festival. Three Options: 1) To post. 2) To have performed by an actor 3) To be made into a film.

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