Alone, Poetry by Anderson Gomes

Genre: Motivational, Solitude, Philosophical.


by Anderson Gomes

Solitude gets loneliness a lot more than it should,
It’s not a word to despise just to be understood.
For alone no one is as it’s made out to be,
What you face is just an altered state of reality.
Alone in this world does every person come,
And alone again is how all will succumb
Why then is loneliness treated with such disdain ?
When it’s just another way of coping with pain.
People you do meet on your journey along,
But to be with you always never is anyone so strong,
The battle that they fight just as you ignore,
So are they not a part of your war.
Expect not too much for the world does offer less,
And only to those who persist does the world bless.
So curse me not that I traverse all alone
Treading life’s path my solitary candle has shown,
No matter the tears and heart aches all around,
I’ll still be smiling when alone I lay six feet underground.



* * * * *

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