No Question, Poetry by Saintswest

Genre: Love

No Question
by Saintswest

Are the stars in the sky?
Are the birds in the trees?
Is there green on the leaves?
Is the water still blue?
Why do fish swim upstream?
Why does everything
Seem to not mean a thing
When I am with you?

Will the sun rise today?
Will the air smell as sweet?
Can the days be longer?
Could this love be stronger?
Has the rain begun to fall?
Are there people here at all?
Why can’t I see a thing?
Why do I only see you?

Are the stars out tonight?
Is it cloudy?
Is it bright?
I am here with one tonight
And I’ve never been more right
And you love me like I do
And I love you like you do
How could I have ever wondered
Why these eyes see only you?




* * * * *

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