Gabby’s Story, Poetry by Ms. Rockett

Genre: Lifestyle

Gabby’s Story by Ms. Rockett

From the hood of the ghettos I still rose
It wasn’t because the clothes on my back or what covered my toes
It wasn’t because my Daddy had stacks or cuz he had hoes
My momma had woes
As she rose to wake up to make up
What my Daddy left behind
In the same town, in the same time
There were nights without lights
Roaches and mice
Screaming and fights
Grilled cheese sandwiches and box Macaroni and Cheese, canned corn and brown, I mean “green” beans
That was my life
Time behind bars before I could even dream about stars
Long dark walks and old azz men stopping in their cars
As I ran away to my Grandma house only to find out that life was still the same
No shame
It took hella years to know that I was more than my name
More than the blame
More to what came
And went
Money spent late bills sent
After the stint
In the US Navy
Shit still didn’t make sense
I’ve walked down the aisle to receive my honors
Praying and hoping the bill collectors just wouldn’t bother
I’m struggling to survive
Hoping good 90 day evaluations can keep me alive
Thinking my degrees would stop the fees, reduce my needs
Life don’t work like that
It wasn’t until I decided that it was my shadow of doubt and fear
That always seemed to loom near
Something I can’t name yet something that I framed
Operating in that frame of mind
Lost a lot of time. Cost a lot of dimes
So now I mind my mind
I practice great thinking
I sit without blinking
I make vision boards and do prayers and affirmations
I’ve turned my life into a declaration
I’ve freed myself of all frustration
The best way to describe this feeling is elation
I’ve elevated operating on a higher frequency
The bottom thinking people can’t see me
From the hood of the ghettos I’ve become a rose
One that grows inside and outside the ground and no one knows
And Then
It just happened
I started blooming…




* * * *

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