MY LOVE JONES, Poetry by Poet U.B.

Genre: Love

My Love Jones

I fell for a boy from Queens

His voice took over my heart

His face occupied my dreams

But me on the west, so far apart

To tell him how much he means

Writing my feelings down I’ll start

Although he’ll never read it

He’ll never truly know

He’ll never understand how it

Will help me grow

To listen to his lyrics, sit

Contemplate and feel his flow

I nicknamed him My Love Jones

But as I grew life came along

And situations left me all alone

Then this Hood Jones came with a song

I thought how could he have known

I didn’t know then but choosing Hood Jones was so wrong

8 years of my life invested in the wrong man

Thought Our love was enough

For him I always took a stand

I stood down, stood tall when it got rough

A lifetime together was the plan

But I’ll say, My love wasn’t enough

I was the realest he’d ever find

Love unconditionally AND cook and clean

Get my own money, I grind

Yet he didn’t see me as a Queen

From the position I resigned

Now with tears in his eyes he begs to reconvene

If I could go back in time, rewind

If I knew then what I now see

That path of destruction I’d leave behind

But I couldn’t because my seeds wouldn’t be

If only love wasn’t so blind…

Starting all over from scratch, mother of three

Strong woman I’ve become

Back to me and fighting to believe

In love again without being dumb

Next time I don’t wanna have to leave

So I’ll stay real, stay fly and not look for my future him

Stay motivated so greatness I’ll achieve

Just when I thought life might be too hard

My Love Jones said, “She blew a good thing”

I knew that all too well, I too, was scarred

But I didn’t want the money, the house, or the ring

Next time for love I’ll hold a higher regard

Because our lives and hearts we’ll BOTH be dedicating

I appreciate time and destiny

Although My Love Jones may never find his way to me

The married life, fam and kids, I foresee

I left behind all of my debris

And God already gave his Son to me, Guaranteed

Focus on The Good Life, foundation of an oak tree.

Written by:  Poet U.B.



    * * * * *

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