Dude was Rich?, Poetry by Anthony Nneke

Genre: Rhyme, Satire, Life

Dude was Rich? by Anthony Nneke

Dude was rich
How was life a b**ch
They thought
When they heard his onslaught
Cos they were mis taught
That wealth means only money
He laughed hard
Cos he found that funny
We can trade places
But this is real life
No friends in unfamiliar places
Peace be his oasis
But he don’t know what that feels like
Cos all he got is pressure of expectation
Waiting to exhale
His relationship has failed
His hearts locked up
like it went jail
cos it was sentenced for breaking hearts
flirting with tarts
that look sweet
but their ingredients are foul
their make up covers up their crooked smile
but in the meanwhile
he trying to justify
why he has struggles
to those
who can’t imagine what
its like to be him
2 | P a g e
they cant accept him as one of them
cos he up on a pedestal
that they put him on
so he cant complain
take the gold, take the platinum chains, show a bit of brains, screw the chicken brains
play your part, stay in your lane
man just shut up and play the game
what the hell you know about shame
man you don’t get to talk about pain
look at what you’ve gained
this is what the dude was up against
so he spent
time breaking it down
talking about his double life in one timeline
there was a time when all he wanted to do was shine
be the best do his best, give his best
when he aspired to be rich, and known
so he understand how far he grown
reaping what he sown
but what he saying is he now feel all alone
cos he cant tell a friend from a foe
a lady from a hoe
when he had little he had real friends
who like him for him
they told him he had potential
helped him believe
go get it and achieve
now fast forward
he surrounded by people he don’t know
cant take a break
so many shows
3 | P a g e
he just a piece of gold
selling the dream he was sold
moving fast and he just wanna pause
and slow
do you understand if so
can I get an Oh
Verse Two
Time to put his mask on
Put on a show for the world
But what he mean is just saying hello
Being cool, being nice
Cos he feeling cold like the north pole
And he about to break like ice
But if he speak out about it
The response is
How can he be unhappy
When he got more money than he can count
Girls at his feet
Worshipped by the streets
Man he mean on a beat
So he feel trapped
Like mother nature gave him a bitch slap
Perhaps is that what he deserves
For all the shit he been talking
Or that’s another song
Ok write another wrong
4 | P a g e
Man he just trying to be
Not conscious, not righteous
Not an idol
He himself just a man
Trying a ting
To do better for himself and his family
Don’t begrudge him that





    * * * * *

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