#BRAVOBRAINBRAVO, Poetry by Iiafiam Immortal

Genre: Relationship

#BRAVOBRAINBRAVO by Iiafiam Immortal

Flash backs caused by a  back flash through  a camera lens as the butterfly knife performs a Ballarat parawet, yet no actual reversal of time.

There is no 1.21 giggawatt flux capacitor and doc emmit with a Shelby to correct The past ,and that’s fine.

Only my unlikely  future endeavors  have formulated in My brain cell  chemistry lab of hope, That resides in the entire non-motor anterior region of the frontal lobe.

My beloved cerebellum triggers emotions,
that makes me  curse  the brain stem responsible for sending air in and out of noses.

I’ve jumped springs to get to this level of chemical imbalance beams where one slip has lead to a plethora of broken dreams without a team to applaud my losses, and a  artificial brain is no substitute worthy enough to stop the referees forfeit.

You see A thousand cuts wasn’t a form of Lingchi torture It was My unconventional way to release the endorphins that powers my euphoria.

Cuddos to my insanity for finding a way to clear my vision as I travel on the road that will eventually lead to my  suicide.

To the untrained eye a push up of the  skin could make one weaker.

To the trained eye a push up of the skin could bring strength in the presence of a self mutilation seeker. Bravo brain, Bravo!

Because you are the most remarkable feature,
In the anatomy of this creature.

Giving oneself  enough sense to take its  own life when the fire surrounds the steeple, and that is why i I love you.

I love you so much I would like to saw the skull That covers you, pull you out, look at you, kiss you and then smush you.

    * * * * *

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