R.I.P William, Poetry by Vashaun D Baker

Genre: Death, Relationship

R.I.P William by Vashaun D Baker

Life….well young friend

You couldn’t out run that blimp In a race car

On a highway with clear roads because the bridge brakes at an incline

Launched into the sky through rings of fire like dare devil Evel Knievel without a wind chime, Or a cricket…silence!

Let see him out run death today,

And if he doesn’t he still deserves the up most praise,

Because who can say they went to the level he did to put a smile on someone’s face.

Shhh quite!  listen to the onlookers hearts beat simultaneously ,

Almost like the sound of a drum in the percussion section of a marching band.

The man who screamed “I hope he dies!” Was beating and removed from the stands.

How dare you wish death upon a beautiful man.

Only supporters fill these seats,

And if that man was to die In that car I could mention the names of multiple people who would rather have started that ignition sequence.

Thoughts have traveled a million miles per hour while our hero sits in the sky ,

Then at the clap of a hand of someone who thought he would survive,

he lands with a blown out tire,

Because the car landed with to much pressure on one of its sides,

And as everyone covers their mouths and begin to rise,

the automobile begins to ribbon twirl like an Olympic medalist with gold in front of her eyes,

But the actual gold was inside,

Rushed to the hospital you can almost imagine the chants from outside,
Fight! Fight! fight! fight! Fight! Fight!

Until the Window closes.

Now all he hears is the beautiful whispers from the ones standing on his left and sitting on his right.

Beep, Beep, Beep ,Beep,Beep, beep

Almost to the same rhythm of the one outside,

Yelling Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

He lost his life, but reminded us of ours

Another successful night – Vashaun D Baker

    * * * * *

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