A baleful banishment, Poetry by Sujoy Bhattacharya

Genre: Life

Placid calmness was patting her supple hands on my
fetid forehead to mitigate my mental moroseness .
My eyes weary were ailing for a dream- fed slumber .
A pair of butterflies in a copulating posture flying happily
to remind me the existence of happiness in my vicinity .
By the side of a flowing brook robed in with the velvety
attire of desolate serenity , not contaminated with the
frenzied din and bustle of morbid humanity ,I was retiring !
I was retired tired of wading through stubborn deluge of woes !
Woes that I invited in my life to feast on the residue of cinders
Cinders I loved once to scatter over the barrenness of discomfiture .
Hostile waves of defeats did not allow me to taste the sauce of victory .
The soul of Hitler appeared abruptly to gossip with my garrulous mind .
From behind the grey clouds effigy of burnt spirits frowned at me fiercely .
A dinosaur from the remote ice age frightened away Hitler to hades again .
The pioneer polestar waved her braid to foster me to carry on my choir .
Caesar the great , came to quench his thirst at the bank of the brook ,
fatigued and frightened to count the clones of the contemporary Brutus !
Socrates came coughing , holding the cup that contains his molten death , hemlock !
I prostrated at her feet to wash with the tears of Roman atonement , dew of homage !
Mona Lisa came dancing depicting a diagram of dreadful interrogation menacing –
I forgot to note the password to unlock the mystery of tears -laughter entwinement .
Something was being pelted into the placid brook to create tremendous turmoil .
I cast my inquisitive look to find king Midas on a pile of gold cubes, was immersing his avarice .
A bevies of beautiful elves were blowing conks at the Zenith to welcome white pigeons l
I closed my tormented eyes to hem it with the enigmatic sleep of profound amnesiac oblivion !
My deafened ears can no more hear the bewailing of lamenting souls captive in anabiosis .
Fettered feet limping on the paleographic arena for deciphering new definition of humanity .
My mind can take exile to a !and where stinking smell of burning mankind can’t reach .
But my petrified body motionless can’t even crawl to the grave of death to exhilarate life .



    * * * * *

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