The Battle, Poetry by Glen Hill

 Genre: Rhyme, Life

Captain McLeod stood staring out to space,
A tough old man, with scars on his face,
Deep in thought, deep in contemplation,
Onboard his planet orbiting defence station.

Distortions were seen far off in the stars,
Above and to the left near the planet Mars,
He finished some cake, and wiped it on his shirt,
He looked directly at an officer “Go High Alert”.

The officer pushed a button, lights and bells rang out,
People scurried everywhere, thinking “what’s this all about”,
Cannons were charged, and hospitals were manned,
The Captain thought “The bastards are coming, earlier than planned”

Lieutenant Webb reached his fighter, and primed it for launch,
Another tough nut, so brave and so staunch,
The squadron leader, the who commands repect,
To run from a fight, a thought he’d totally object.

Patiently waiting, His dash was all aglow,
Waiting for the order, waiting to launch, to go,
The green light was given, and his throttle went down,
He was followed by many, the ships were all around.

Eighty alien warships, decloaked right ahead,
Webb saw these huge ships, and banked left instead,
A frontal assault, is suicide he thought,
He didnt want to risk his men, he didnt want them caught.

“Fire” the Captain said, then repeated it as a shout,
As he watched the alien warships, their fighters coming out,
Gunfire suddenly erupted, as the cannons locked on,
And the aliens retaliated, with shots before long.

Webb maneuvered broadside, and engaged their ships,
Gunfire was everywhere, but Webb just pursed his lips,
His squadron had fanned out, and given free run,
This is going to take awhile, before they will be done.

“Ready the nukes” the Captain announced, as he sat in his chair,
“They are here to destroy us, they’re not going anywhere”
Damage was taken, to both sides of the fight,
Whole floors were blow out, then sucked away from sight.

Explosions now riddled, most of the alien warships too,
Some were dropping away, the Captain knew what to do,
“Webb” the Captain said “Nukes are coming your way”,
Webb knew that meant one thing, he needed to get far away!

Part 2
Webb radioed his squadron, saying “That’s enough fun”,
“The Captain will be firing nukes, so we have to run”,
With a few more alien casualties, and happy with his deed,
The entire squadron reversed course, Then took off at speed.

“We cant nuke every ship” an officer had said,
But the Captain had an idea, a plan formed in his head,
“No we can’t hit all the ships, yes you are correct”
“But i intend hitting most of them, and have a chain reaction effect”

Just then some flashes were seen, from an alien warship,
As fifteen were ships were launched at them, ones with a pointy tip,
“Boarding Party” the Captain yelled, as he pointed at his crew,
Half the bridge crew departed, for their armoury rendezvous.

“Launch the nukes” the Captain screamed “And hit every second one”
A whoosh of big projectiles, jet streaks brighter than the sun,
By this time Webb and co, were all clear, almost home,
And rounded the back of the station to the launch dome.

Webb knew about the boarding ships, and sprinted for a gun,
He locked and loaded with heaps of things “Time to have more fun”
The boarding ships hurtled toward the station, aliens by the airlock seal,
They slammed into the side of the hull, puncturing through steel.

The front of the ships opened up, and aliens poured out,
Webb and his crews were already coming, they weren’t messing about,
The aliens saw Webb, and he saw them, and scattered for cover,
Shots rang out and missiles too as they engaged one another.

One of Webbs crew, lobbed a grenade as the aliens were pinned,
The man who did it, sniggered and said “i think i have sinned”,
THe explosion ripped the aliens apart, the timing was a fluke,
“Instead of throwing a normal grenade, i think i threw a nuke”

Soon enough though, the aliens were gone the threat now is no more,
Webb had made it to the bridge, to checkout the warship score,
The Captains plan for a chain reactionworked like a song,
The warship numbers had significantly reduced their end wont take long.

The station is badly damaged, one more ship to go,
The Captain was making up his mind, as he paced to and fro,
One more nuke was fired, but the warship started to glow red,
“i think they will fire their main weapon” is all the Captain said.

The nuke had struck the last ship, as it fired out a beam,
And as the warship fell away,the station was cut in half clean,
The orbiting station buckled, then started losing height,
The Captain looked out from the bridge, the planet now plain in sight.

The evacuation was sounded, as the station became unstable,
“Get to your escape pods now” those of you who are able,
Escape pods ejected this way and that, as the station was erupting in flame,
Some people will be scarred from this, and they will never be the same.


    * * * * *

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